BT Commercial Manager (Korean Speaker) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Purpose Of Role:

The role holder supports the commercial proposition development for bids and investments of complex opportunities in ICT, in conjunction with bid teams and pricing analysts, and/or supports the development of contract performance with contract managers.

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for one or more of the following areas:

  • To co-ordinate and/or evaluate opportunities supporting Deal Architects, Design Architects, bid teams and Contract Managers.

  • To make recommendations in terms of how to address an opportunity or production of a forecast of cost.

  • To undertake risk analysis activities as agreed and directed, ensuring that risk transferred to BT is identified so that the client for that activity is fully cognisant of such.

  • To support the implementation of pricing strategies, and ensure adherence to pricing policy, processes, models and tools in deals.

  • To support commercial change activities within the organisation, and implement any changes to the trading model.

  • To own specific and agreed commercial activities until contract award and ensure that the designated contract team (where applicable) are briefed and aware of the commercial structure of the contract and understand the risk profile and opportunity potential in terms of profit and revenue growth.

  • To undertake tasks in support of commercial due diligence, contract novation and transition functions.

  • To carry out complex data manipulation for the purpose of developing client management information.

Business Impact:

  • Impact is short term and primarily functional in scope.

  • The impact is essentially defined in terms of managing and protecting risk and liability of the LOB signing up to compromised business.

  • The potential exposure would be in terms of reputation with a given client or within a given sector rather than at the external market level.

Authority/Decision Making:

  • The authority to proceed with a proposal is defined in terms of the usual bid-sign off process.

  • The commercial support manager would look to commercial director for guidance and approval of the bid being put together.

  • The recommendation to the LOB board would be indirect and would typically attract a greater degree of scrutiny at all levels up to the LOB board.


Typically educated to degree level in business management, financial or legal field, or equivalent job experience.


  • Experienced in a number of elements of the development of propositions to help influence and drive business opportunities.

  • Knowledge of the regulatory and legal environments with risk management and business analyst skills.

  • Required language: Korean

Job: Commercial Management

Title: Commercial Manager (Korean Speaker)

Location: South East Asia-Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Lumpur

Requisition ID: 97919