BT Machine Learning Engineer in Australia

Key Responsibilities:

  • Engineering:

  • Provide innovative and cutting-edge ideas including architectural design input into further developing the capabilities of BT’s principal advanced security platforms and offerings.

  • Design, build, validate, deliver, integrate and present the advanced analytical capabilities using statistical, ML and DL on large volumes of data for internal and external customers.

  • Contribute to conceptual, algorithmic and architectural design, documentation, experiment, prototype, development, testing and deployment of ML/DL solutions on big data platform.

  • Translate and interpret customer requirements to analytics opportunity to build analytics product and, articulate and present back the proposed solutions to client in simplified format.

  • Consultation

  • Participate in consultation activities for British Telecom customers around the world by running knowledge transfer sessions, requirement engineering workshops, POC and RFI as required.

  • Participate in sales and pre-sales activities globally including sales meetings, POC, HLD, LLD and RFI to support account managers in the field of security analytics.

  • Participate in security analytics projects including requirement engineering, solution design, Data analysis, POC and prototype for BT customers around the world.

  • Research and Development

  • Maintain knowledge of current trends and latest applications in the fields of Advanced Data Analytics, ML, DL, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security and Intelligence platforms.

  • Design and practice Innovation methodologies such as design thinking to explore new opportunities and build innovative and differentiative analytic capabilities.

  • Partner and engage with research arms like BT R&D, universities and research organizations and communities around the world to understand new trends in Data, Analytics and AI through attending and presenting in summits, conferences and workshops.


  • Extensive knowledge and industry experience (3 years) of Machine Learning techniques and the ability to implement them in Big Data Platforms.

  • Extensive knowledge and industry experience (3 years) with ML development using: Scala, Python and R and libraries like Scikit-learn, SparkML, Caret and MLR.

  • Adequate knowledge and industry experience (1 years) with DL development using TensorFlow, Keras, MXNet, Theano, CNTK and Caffe 2 and potentially GPUs.

  • Adequate knowledge and industry experience (1 years) with working on Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, HDFS, Kafka, Spark and Spark Streaming, AWS and Google Cloud stacks.

  • Experience of working in a complex technical development and integration environment to build software that will be deployed into production environments with high-quality documentation.

  • Experience of Linux system administration and Linux system troubleshooting desirable.

  • Combination of deep technical skills and business savvy enough to interface with all levels and disciplines within our customer’s organization

  • Knowledge of Security and Cyber telemetry, log feeds and intelligence platforms is preferred.

  • Track record of scientific and business publications and presentation is preferred.

Authority/Decision Making:

  • Works under broad direction.

  • Full accountability for own technical work and project responsibilities.

  • Receives assignments in the form of objectives.

  • Work is often self-initiated.


A PhD, Master or Bachelor degree in a highly quantitative field (Software Engineer, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematics, etc.) or equivalent industry experience.

Job: IT, Systems and Security

Title: Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Australasia-Australia

Requisition ID: 98970